Basmati Rice
We sell Basmati rice to wholesalers, grocery stores and super markets, so that people can buy our brand with ease. The long-grained, non-sticky rice has pointed ends. The size grows once it is cooked.
Non Basmati Rice
Non Basmati rice are available in several lengths and kinds in stores. We provide 100% broken rice and broken white rice for the preparation of many Indian and other sweet and savory dishes.
Blackstrap Molasses
Mainly chefs and bakers use sugarcane molasses in barbeque sauces, cookies, pies, whole grain breads, etc. Blackstrap molasses, a dark, bittersweet syrup is obtained when sucrose is crystallized and removed from the original juice.
Rice Flour
Rice flour is obtained by rice milling, is mainly used as raw ingredient in the making of cake, muffin, cookies, bread, noodles, etc. We supply both, white and brown rice to wholesalers, retail stores and super markets.

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